Garrett Prahl

I am just a regular guy with a passion for the outdoors and a knack for learning. I have always loved fishing and camping, but didn’t take hunting seriously until I was about 15. At that time I started learning everything I could, spending as much time in the woods scouting and learning as I could. Eventually I started taking deer consistently, even on public land. Many of the videos I’ve made regarding hunting are my way of sharing and giving back, out of respect for those who have willingly helped me out along the way. Somewhere along the line I bought a video camera to try and film hunts recreationally. The same bug struck me again, and I became obsessed with learning as much as I could about video and photography. Although I haven’t used my skills professionally, I have done many small video and editing projects for friends and employers in addition to posting a “How to Film Hunts” video series.

Living in Minnesota, my main outdoor activities tend to revolve around whitetail deer, black bear, and turkey hunting, fishing for walleyes and bass, and camping during the warmer seasons, especially in pristine places like the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. That being said my interests also include pursuing many North American species. I went elk hunting for the first time in 2014, which is something I’d like to continue doing. And I would love to add moose, caribou, and mule deer at some point. I have been asked before whether or not I plan on pursuing a career in outdoor video. The answer now is no… at least not on the big scale. I simply do not have the time to commit to it and am very satisfied with my current day job. I enjoy building the DIY Sportsman content in my free time and don’t have any plans to slow down.