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2021 #7 – Preston Bagley

by | Jan 17, 2023 | 2021 Tethrd Ten


SADDLE GEAR: Tethrd Phantom with Predator XL platform and muddy sticks

So my buddy Dylan Hazen started his brand in season and had gotten his buck in mid-September, so I reached out and said “hey care if I come to hunt some public over the weekend and just meet some of the guys that will make up in season”. This was also one of my first times ever using my saddle, as I got it in early September, and I figured going with Dylan would be good to learn how he does it. 

So I went down on a Friday in early October and Dylan was straight up with me saying he has not scouted much, and figured we would just kind of wing it. So Saturday morning we went to the first spot and still hunted. We got into some real good sign by white oaks, but it looked like it was a week or so old, and the bucks had moved on. This was our best option for the nights hunt, so that was the plan.

So after hunting that morning, Dylan got a call from one of his buddies saying why don’t you try here. He had a camera there for a week or so and saw a couple decent 2.5 yr olds and at that time I had not shot a buck since I was a senior in high school because I have let some walk and some just didn’t work out. I I told Dylan if I see a decent 2.5yo, I would shoot it, especially since he would be in the tree filming me as well.

So that night we headed out there and worked our way up a ridge, but jumped a deer walking in. We figured maybe we screwed it up, but we’re here so figured we would still try it. We set up on this ridge and did not see a deer until 6:13pm, which was a little fork and watched him for a bit. He turned and walked away, and Dylan let out a few grunts to see if he would respond. I then turned to Dylan and was like “man I wish that was like a 150in 10 pointer or something” and he chuckled and said “oh yeah right”.

Not 1 minute later we hear a twig break, and turn and look, and this buck is 30 yds and closing the distance. Dylan and I didn’t say a word. I reached for my bow, and he turned the camera. The buck kept walking and got within 20 yds. I drilled him and he mule kicked and took off. Dylan and I both looked at each other and were like “are you kidding me right now!?”. After we climbed out and found my arrow we tracked for a little ways and lost blood so decided to back out until morning. We came back in the morning with a dog, and looked for a while with no luck. Dylan and I both started questioning the shot. Then all the sudden we hear the tracker yell “I got him guys!”. He was only 40 yds father than last blood we just couldn’t see blood to know he went in that direction. I was in awe over the deer as it was my biggest to date, and to have Dylan there with me made it even more special. He scored 144 3/8 and was a beautiful 8 pointer so I got my wish of a 150 inch coming in along with being able to have a great buddy experience it all with me.