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2021 #10 – Eric Loso

by | Jan 17, 2023 | 2021 Tethrd Ten


SADDLE GEAR: Tethrd Phantom, Predator, Shikar mini 1 stick

Just wanted to share my MI public land buck I got Sunday night.

Have been hunting a big block of public for 2 weeks, seen multiple shooters but no shot on any, had a group of guys move in, accessing with a duck boat, I’ve been kayaking back 1.25 miles to the area I was hunting. Between pressure and wind not cooperating I made a big move, slowly making my way to the south end of the timber block when I bumped a doe, but she never blew or spooked, just trotted off. She made it 100 yards when a giant drop tine buck stood up and followed her out. I worked around the bedding area, which was in a huge flooded timber piece to the south side to check out a funnel point to a private standing corn field. I found a bunch of good sign and set up on a 3 way intersection leading to the field. Saw a nice 8 following a doe and multiple smaller bucks that night. The next morning, the wind was going to be completely wrong for the area but going to switch to a perfect wind around 10-11, I slept in, and made my way in at 11am, worked along a ditch 500 yards very slowly, stopping and glassing to be sure I didn’t bump anything. Made my way into the pinch point, snuck into a tree which had 3 good runs and multiple scrapes between the bedding and corn field. I set up into a clump of maples with my Phantom and Predator around 3pm. Most of the night was very uneventful, until 6:30 when I caught a glimpse of a tail at 40 yards. On my weak side out of the flooded timber and brush was a 13 pt, split G2’s, drop tine coming right to me! He made it to 18 yards and stopped on the edge of a clearing behind a thick brush, it gave me a chance to turn around for an extreme drop shot. He began working through the brush and presented me with a perfect 18 yard broadside shot that I slid through a small hole in the brush and branches, making a perfect heart and lung shot! He bounced sideways, and bolted through the brush out of sight and I heard him crash 40 yards away! I hung my bow and sat back to collect myself! I called Tim Clarke, who is one of your field staff and told him what happened. He came with another canoe and helped me haul the deer 500 yards to the canoe, then back down river to the truck. This hunt wouldn’t have been possible without my saddle and setup, being super mobile and being able to adjust to pressure and conditions was key and this setup let’s me do it super quiet and efficiently. I love your products, again, thank you for making this hunt possible!