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2020 #8 – Jared McBride

by | Oct 12, 2021 | 2020 Tethrd Ten


SADDLE GEAR: Phantom Saddle, Predator Platform, Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks

It was a 90 degree day on October 10th. It was my first day back in Missouri from my honeymoon. So I thought it would be a great idea to take my new wife to the woods with me. We set up on a small clover plot we put in earlier this year. About an hour after setting up we noticed a small 8 pointer come out into the plot with a spike buck. They fed around for about an hour or so then they moved on. The sun set and just as we were thinking about climbing down my wife whispered “BIG BUCK”. Without even knowing what she was looking at, my heart immediately started pounding. I asked her “where” and she told me that he’s behind me. I slowly turned to see a big ten standing there making a scrape.

With shooting light quickly fading. I knew I was running out of time to make a shot. The only problem was there was a big cedar between me and him. Knowing he wasn’t gonna stop working the scrape anytime soon I knew I had to make something happen. I turned and ranged him at 47 yards. I loosened my tether so I could lean as far out as possible. Once I loosened my tether I found a small hole about 20” in diameter. It took me a second to make sure that my arrow was going to clear the limbs.

After I got set and drew back on the buck, he wouldn’t stop moving. He kept moving side to side working the scrape. Finally, he stopped for a split second to smell the scrape. I knew this was my opportunity. I anchored and pulled through my release. I heard the arrow smack and he ran off out of sight. Just as I was questioning my shot I heard him crash. The excitement both my wife and I had in that moment is something I will never forget. 

We were married for 7 days and we already harvested a big buck together. It will definitely be one of the most memorable deer in my lifetime.